Gygan 0.8

Gygan is a free application that allows you to share large files fast
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Gygan allows you to download and upload large files over the Internet. You can download movies, music albums, programs, etc., and you can upload any kind of information. To download files you have to use the search tab. Here the most popular files are listed by default, but you can use the "Newest file" option. You can specify your search by entering a search term. Once the results are shown, you can change the display order by title, size, etc. It includes a column that allows you to know if a file has screen caps, and if a file content has already been verified. If you use a compact display mode you have to open the file details to view the screen caps, otherwise use the expanded display mode. The only disadvantage with the search option is that you can perform only one search at a time. To upload files you can drag and drop the desired files, or add them manually. For each uploaded file, you have to include a title, and optionally you can add a description and feed. From the start your bandwidth is 4GB but you can upgrade your account to the premium and download up to 200GB every month.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It has high download speed


  • You can perform only one search at a time
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